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Each standard download is nonexclusive but covers you for unlimited projects, worldwide. 

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What does my Basic license include?

Your basic license include a mp3 downloadable file right after you purchase. This license is valid for use of only one music video and a maximum of 100,000 streams. For details, please visit our licensing page at https://vocaltunez.com/licensing.

How long is my license valid?

There is no limit. Your license is valid as long as you use it within the number of project limits and streams.  Refer to our licensing page for more details at 


Can I download a trial version before I buy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer downloadable tagged files. However, you may listen to the samples on our website as many times as you wish.  

If I buy license as a business, does my license cover my employees?

Yes, as long as your employees are using the license for the intended project limits and streams. For more details, please visit our licensing information page


How often do you add new content?

Our library catalog is updated frequently; generally 20+ at a time every month. Our sound effects catalog is continuously curated and growing to provide the most relevant and up-to-date content for our customers.

Do you have a partner or affiliate program I can sign up for?

Yes, we do! However, it is currently in the works to finalize terms and conditions for this partnership program. If you would like to be the first to know when we launch this program, please subscribe to our mailing list. 

Do you offer custom productions?

On some occasions, we are willing to make custom productions or further customize an existing track, reach out to us via the customization page. 

License to use

  1. Upon purchase and subject to fulfill all of your undertakings according to the agreements herein you are hereby granted a nonexclusive license (hereinafter license) to download audio works included in the website’s repertoire (hereinafter works) and to use them for integrating and/or synchronizing them in projects and productions combining sound, text, and images (in any language), such as video clips and segments, advertisements, presentations, applications, games, animations, slides, multimedia, podcasts, audiobooks, software, films, series, various programs and so on (hereinafter projects). The terms Works used in the agreement herein refers both to the works and to recordings of the works in the website’s repertoire.
  2. The license includes the right to present and/or play in public and/or distribute the works being integrated and/or synchronized as part of projects, in all existing means of media, inclusive of smart phones, tablets, personal computers, in various internet websites, in social media, in online stores (such as iTunes), in video sharing (such as Vimeo, YouTube and so on) on television and in any other known means, and inclusive of physically by CDs or other data storage device.
  3. The license gives you the right to make a reasonable use and does not limit the number of projects in which you are entitled to integrate and/or synchronize the works you download from the website, in the condition the daily number of downloads does not exceed 40 works, it is hereby clarified that downloading content from the website by any automatic means such as software, bots, or any other technical mean will not be considered a reasonable use and is prohibited according to the license conditions.
  4. The License is personal and non-transferable. Licensee is the person whose name is specified in the Licence purchase form. To the extent the user is a legal entity that is not a private individual, its name will be specified in the License purchase form and it will be the Licensee.
  5. The Licence to use is nonexclusive and all works on the Website, inclusive of the works you use will be open for the use of others.
  6. The website will be entitled to add/remove works of audio from the repertoire from time to time at its discretion, and you will bear no claim or demand in this regard.
  7. The agreement herein is not such as to limit the company in any manner from the selling and/or transferring and/or granting License to use any of the works, in whole or in part to third parties, at its discretion.



Limitations of Use

  1. You hereby undertake not to sell and/or transfer and/or share, give license to use and/or allow others to record a new and/or present and/or play in public and/or distribute in any manner any of the works in themselves, whether for any consideration or for no consideration. Furthermore, you undertake not to use any of the works as a separate file and/or to present it as a separate file and/or make it available for download as a separate file or at all, in any manner whatsoever.
  2. You hereby undertake not to make any use of the works in themselves, but only to integrate or synchronize them as part of projects in any engagement with third parties regarding projects, you hereby undertake to include an undertaking of the third parties not to use the works in themselves and to act to the best of your ability to protect the works being copied or used in themselves.
  3. You hereby undertake not to use the works in order to provide service which competes with Vocal Tunez and/or the website.
  4. You hereby confirm that it is known to you that the license granted to you according to the agreement herein is non-transferable and it is not possible to grant sublicenses by it virtue.
  5. You hereby undertake not to claim ownership of any of the works. Inclusive of by YouTube content identification.


Exemption from Liability

  1. Vocal Tunez website does not warrant the Site’s service will not be interrupted or will be immune to damage, malfunctions, defects, or failures and all the hardware, software, communication systems, and lines as the site or any of its suppliers.
  2. The company will bear no liability in the case any of the works is not available in the site, for any reason whatsoever, during the term of the Agreement.
  3. Vocal Tunez will bear no liability in any manner to the use of any other additional content which you may integrate into the projects and you will solely bear full and exclusive liability for using them.
  4. The website reserves its right to remove and/or add works to its repertoire at any time at its exclusive discretion and you will bear no claim or arguments in this regard.


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